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Photo Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman Is Working On A New TV Show

Braun Strowman has teased a new TV show he is currently working on.

The former WWE Universal Champion has had some tough times with injuries recently. He returned to the ring for the first time in six months in April, after a neck injury he has suffered with for over a year.

However, fans may have to wait even longer to see him again. Strowman looks set to appear in a new TV show, teasing the details of the project in a recent Instagram story.

The former Universal Champion posted a story on Instagram, teasing his latest project. He showed a clip of his breakfast, with the caption, “I’ve missed hitting diners on the road.

The Monster Among Men then added, “And I can’t wait to drop the news about the TV show I’ve been working on!!!”, teasing his latest project outside of the WWE.

It is not the first time Braun Strowman will have made the jump to acting from wrestling. He landed himself a cameo in the movie “Holmes and Watson”, acting alongside Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Should this new project get off the ground, fans should expect Braun Strowman to miss significant TV time in order to film the show.

Braun Strowman: I Thought My Career Was Over

Braun Strowman thought his career could be over, after suffering spinal injuries in recent years.

Strowman spoke with Chris Van Vliet about is injury issues. He revealed that he was terrified as his arms went limp, and he was worried he would not be able to wrestle again.

“I didn’t know I had stenosis of the spine. It’s basically where there’s a tightening around your spinal column. So I only had nine millimeters of clearance around my spine between my C4 and C5 vertebrae. I didn’t know that, and I got hit wrong during a match. My head went back, and it pinched my spine. it felt like lightning bolts shot out of both my arms. My arms went limp, so if you watch the match back, you can see the point where it happened.”

“There’s a point where you see my arms drop to my side, and I kind of look around really weird, and finally, my hands and stuff start to move again. I’m looking at my hands, and I go to take off running, and I’m all wobbly, my balance is off, and things like that. We got the match finished, and I got in the back, and it felt like someone was pouring boiling hot water down both of my arms. It was on fire. So I was in this really terrifying place for a couple of weeks, not knowing, am I ever going to have a normal life again? Am I going to be able to do what I love? Am I going to be able to do anything?”