angelo dawkins
Photo Credit: WWE

Natalya: Angelo Dawkins’ Dedication And Quiet Leadership Always Inspires Me

Throughout his WWE career, Angelo Dawkins has captured the NXT Tag Team titles, the Raw Tag Team titles, and the SmackDown Tag Team titles as well. In recent times, fans have been seeing him compete in singles competition.

Recently, Natalya shared her thoughts on Dawkins and how he inspires her. The Wrestle Features Twitter account recently tweeted that Angelo Dawkins is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the WWE roster.

“This man is one of the most underrated stars on the WWE roster right now. He seems to improve every time he wrestles. The selling. The mannerisms. He’s fantastic,” Wrestle Features tweeted.

Natalya replied to the tweet by sharing that Angelo Dawkins used to drive for over four hours every Wednesday to train at the Dungeon. He also trains for hours at the Performance Center in Florida. The former WWE SmackDown’s Women’s Champion also mentioned that she is inspired by Dawkins’ dedication and leadership skills.

“Every Wednesday Dawkins drives four hours to and from The Dungeon. He trains for 3+ hours every practice in the Florida heat (no air conditioning) and works his a** off to help others at the ring. His dedication and quiet leadership always inspire me,” Natalya tweeted.

Is Angelo Dawkins not receiving the credit he deserves?