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Photo Credit: AEW

Will Ospreay ‘Never Felt More Sick’ After Hurting Bryan Danielson At AEW Dynasty, Doesn’t Feel Right Using Tiger Driver ’91 

Will Ospreay does not want to use the Tiger Driver ’91 ever again.

The Aerial Assassin debuted his version of the move at Forbidden Door 2023. He hit it on Kenny Omega during their epic encounter in Canada.

It helped Ospreay get the win over the former AEW Champion. He has used the moves multiple times since then. Most notable was against Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty, renaming it to the “Storm Driver ’93”.

He dropped Danielson on his head, seemingly injuring him. Ospreay didn’t immediately notice, and quickly hit the Hidden Blade before pinning The American Dragon. The Englishman felt distraught by the pain caused. He vowed to retire the move in the post-match press conference.

Will Ospreay went into detail on Twitter, replying to a post detailing the origins of the move, he gave more insight into why he is not using the Tiger Driver ’91/Storm Driver ’93 any more.

The AEW International Champion wrote that he had used the iconic move as many times as Mitsuharu Misawa (the move’s innovator). Ospreay said Danielson was “extremely lucky” to not be seriously injured by the move. He added that he doesn’t want to put anybody else through the pain of the move ever again.

“I think the same amount of times Misawa used the TD91 in his entire career, I’ve either hit the same amount or about to approach. “

“It’s such a dangerous move that I was just spamming it and that’s when something can go wrong.”

“Bryan got extremely lucky that he got clear within 2-3 weeks but in those minutes during Dynasty, I’ve never felt more sick in my entire life that I hurt someone I really look up to.”

“In comparison to the Hidden Blade, it’s a strike. You can protect yourself if the opponent is able to cover up but the TD91 there is no way to protect yourself which is why it’s been banned in American TV wrestling since it’s inception.”

“Wrestling is wrestling. Aye it’s a full contact. But I just don’t feel right tempting this move anymore. Other lads can do it, but just through my eyes, I don’t wanna put anyone through that again.”