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Sol Ruca Says ACL Injury Was Hardest Thing She Has Had To Go Through In WWE Career

WWE NXT star Sol Ruca says her injury is the hardest thing she has had to go through.

Sol Ruca returned to NXT TV at NXT Roadblock. She was previously sidelined for nearly a year due to a torn ACL she suffered in April 2023.

Speaking on WWE – Die Woche, Sol Ruca discussed her injury and her road back to the ring. (H/t Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling for the transcription)

“The injury is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through thus far, just within my athletic career and my career here,” So Ruca said. “I, thankfully, survived college without any injuries, anything major. But, having my physical ability taken away from me, like, really was a huge thing for me but it also gave me the opportunity to take a step back and to really just watch and just watch and learn and I’m a very visual person.

“So I think I learned a lot just from watching people and seeing how the fans reacted to certain things, how they didn’t react to certain things and how just picking apart other people’s movesets and be like, ‘Ooouuu, I really like that. I wonder how I can make that different?’ Stuff like that just really gave me the time to focus on just one thing and that’s returning and how I wanna be perceived instead of trying to do that on top of still being active.

Sol Ruca Wants To Be Smarter With How She Treats Her Body

Sol Ruca continued by admitting that she was pushing herself a bit too far in training, so she wanted to be smarter with how she treated her body.

“So now that I am on the other end of an injury, I have kind of tweaked it (training regimen) a little bit. Because I honestly think I was pushing myself a little bit too far and I wanna be a little bit smarter with how I treat my body, especially with wrestling ramping up,” Sol Ruca said. “So now I am in the gym on my own, like three-to-four times a week. I do legs twice a week, I do more hypertrophy stuff instead of powerlifting, which I used to do powerlifting before I got hurt. So I’ve kind of cut that out, where just a little bit less than as crazy as what I was doing before.

“I like to do yoga a lot. I do runs here and there. It’s kind of up to how I feel with my body. I try not to have a strict schedule because I used to do that and with our schedule here at the P.C. and with wrestling, it’s really hard to stick on a schedule without having your physical wellbeing fall to the wayside so, I’m trying to take that into account and taking that as serious as possible and just kind of taking it day by day, feeling how I feel and doing whatever I think my body needs.”

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