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Chuck Taylor Opens Up About Injury, Says There’s Hope He Can Wrestle After Surgery

Chuck Taylor provided an update on his future after it was previously said that he would never wrestle again. AEW announced that he was injured after Trent Beretta following their Parking Lot Fight on the April 27 episode of AEW Rampage.

Speaking on Close Up with Renee Paquette, Chuck Taylor was asked to discuss his injury and the situation.

“In October, I believe, I injured my ankle originally,” he said. “My foot was down, and it was in a match on Rampage, I believe we were tagging with The Hardys. I took a dropkick in the ropes, and as I was going out, I left my ankle out, and Angelo Parker fell on my ankle. It was honestly my fault.

“I went to the doctor, and they told me that I had a, they believed a bruised Tallis, which is apparently a bone inside your foot that connects these two to the rest of your foot, which I had never heard of before, and I had some ligament damage, and they thought I could possibly rehab it. I did rehab, and it didn’t get better, and I went back, and they believed that I needed surgery.”

Chuck Taylor On His Future

Chuck Taylor was then asked to comment on his time away from the ring, and he noted that he was trying to learn more about working backstage.

“I was still mostly on the road. I didn’t come off the road for that much, I’m trying to learn more backstage stuff, which I’ve always been interested in. So it wasn’t that bad. But then finding out that your career might be over is an odd feeling.”

Paquette asked whether it was still at a “might be” stage. Taylor said that there was hope that he could potentially return after surgery.

“I can get surgery, and once I heal from that, I can hopefully reassess,” Chuck Taylor said. “[Paquette says there’s hope.] Maybe it’s me hoping [laughs] against hope. We’ve seen a lot of guys and gals come back from career-ending injuries. 

Taylor also said it doesn’t hurt that bad and he can walk fine. Taylor noted that he could potentially keep going if he adjusted his style. He subsequently said that the schedule was not scheduled yet, as it was not an emergency. Taylor stated that he wanted to get comfortable with his new role first, and he might get scheduled after the summer. He said that he did not love wrestling as much, as far as getting beat up, but he still loved the business.

“I’d love to be a manager or a commentator,” he said. “Hopefully, I can do something in front of the camera, too.”

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