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Tam Nakano Wants Mercedes Moné’s AEW TBS Championship

Tam Nakano claims that she has unfinished business with AEW TBS Champion Mercedes Moné, and she wants to settle things once and for all.

The Cosmic Angels leader spoke with Sports Graphic Number on her recent losses in big time matches. Tam Nakano unsuccessfully challenged for the AEW TBS Championship during Willow Nightingale‘s visit to STARDOM, and she also lost to Aja Kong and Kaoru Ito in a tag match alongside Natsupoi at All-Star Grand Queendom 2024.

Nakano specifically noted her disappointment following the AEW TBS Championship match. Tam wanted to win the title to bring STARDOM overseas. Her plan was to initially dethrone Willow for the title, then defend it against Mercedes Moné.

“Rather than me going out into the world, I want to take Stardom to the world. I want Stardom to be the best promotion in the world. So what do I do to achieve that? I have to fight for myself and become the best in the world. Stardom, with the world’s best wrestler, Tam Nakano, is the best in the world,” Nakano explained. “It’s easy to understand, isn’t it? I think that if anyone could be the gateway for people around the world to see Stardom, it would be me. Because I’m cute,” she says.

Regardless of these losses, she mentioned that she has taken the time since then to grow her Cosmic Angels faction. The group previously welcomed three new rookies to train under Tam Nakano, Natsupoi, and Saori Anou’s wing.

Tam Nakano & Mercedes Moné’s History

On January 4, 2023, Tam Nakano unsuccessfully challenged for KAIRI‘s IWGP Women’s Championship at WrestleKingdom 17. While Tam had no time to fully accept her defeat, a surprise in the form of Mercedes Moné came out to make her official NJPW debut. Tam exited the ring to allow for Mercedes and KAIRI to face off in the center of the Tokyo Dome.

Since then, Tam has yet to seek some form of revenge for Mercedes taking the spotlight that night.