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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Christian Cage: Marc Mero Stole My Original Finisher, He Was Nice Enough To Buy Me Dinner

Christian Cage revealed that Marc Mero stole his finisher early in his career.

The AEW star had a TKO finisher while training to become a wrestler, but then-WWE star Marc Mero took the move on his way back to the company.

Christian Cage has used the Killswitch since then, which fits him more as a wrestler today.

He revealed this to Chris Van Vliet in an interview. After explaining the origins of his “Unprettier/Killswitch” finishing move, Christian Cage revealed that Marc Mero stole his original finishing move.

He revealed that Mero asked him to take his TKO-style finisher, before Cage was signed to the WWE. While he was disappointed, he let him take the move, knowing he had the Killswitch in his back pocket ready to go.

“Marc Mero stole my TKO. It’s a funny story. We were training at Bret Hart’s place in Calgary. I did a version of the Diamond Cutter where I’d scoop the guy up on my shoulders, spin them off, and hit a cutter out of the air. Mark was watching and asked if I could do it again, so I did. Then he asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat, and I said sure. We were talking about Japanese wrestling and different stuff, and he mentioned he was going back in about a month. He asked if he could use that finish.”

“This was when he was coming back with the boxer gimmick in WWE. I didn’t know what to say—he was already signed with WWE, where I wanted to be. I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll think of something else. Go ahead, use it.’ He was nice enough to buy me dinner, but he took the move. Everything happens for a reason, though, and this finish suits me much more.”