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Chuck Taylor Has A College Degree In Television Production, Says It Was His ‘Fall Back’ Plan

While his in-ring future is up in the air, Chuck Taylor still has a lot to offer All Elite Wrestling.

Chuck Taylor was a recent guest on AEW Close Up with Renee Paquette. When asked about wanting to learn more about backstage television production and match producing, Taylor said it’s something he’s really enjoyed doing so far and revealed he has a college degree in television production.

“I’ve really enjoyed it,” Chuck Taylor said. “I mean, I actually have a college degree in television production already. Which is probably obsolete because it was 15 years ago from a state school in Kentucky. But no, I originally used to edit videos for the internet, and stuff like that actually helped me. I helped train Ricochet, and we used to travel together. I edited our videos together to like screamo songs in 2002. And that helped us get booked in different places.

“That was always a fallback plan. I went to school for TV production and I loved it. And that was like, okay, if I don’t make it in wrestling, which seemed entirely impossible at the time, I can at least fall back and do something backstage, and what little I’ve done here, I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Chuck Taylor enjoys putting matches together

When asked what it’s like to mentally switch roles from active in-ring performer to backstage producer, Taylor said it’s always been a part of wrestling he’s really enjoyed doing, comparing it to a fun puzzle.

“I’ve always enjoyed that part of wrestling,” Chuck Taylor said. “I think when you’re making the match, and I don’t wanna get too deep into baseball here, but like, I’ve always enjoyed picking out different ideas and putting them together and stuff like that.

“And thankfully, I was worried about when I started to transition into the backstage role that people would be like, ‘Why? You’re not good at it.’ But a lot of people were like, ‘No, you’d be great at that. That’s what you’ve been doing for years.’ So yeah, being able to help people put together ideas and take their ideas and add stuff and move it around that needs to be, it’s like a fun puzzle.”

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