Dalton Castle: I’m Riding A High Like No Other Right Now

Former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Dalton Castle is set to compete for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship against the current champion Kyle Fletcher. Ahead of his title match, Castle expressed how he’s feeling ahead of the match.

Dalton Castle took to Twitter to share to the world about how he spent his week. Castle mentioned that he spent some quality time at Palm Springs. He also mentioned the amount of Wildlife he saw during his trip. Adding to this, the Ring of Honor World Champion asked the fans to tune into Ring of Honor TV this Thursday night as he will be in the main event of the night wrestling Kyle Fletcher for the ROH World TV Championship. Castle is also confident that nothing can stop him at the moment.

“Last week, I went to Palm Springs & Joshua tree. I swam in a waterfall. Road in a gondola, saw a jackrabbit, a roadrunner and over 37 little lizards. Also I’ll be the main event of @ringofhonor this Thursday. I’m riding a high like no other right now & fear nothing can stop me,” Dalton Castle tweeted.

Do you think Dalton Castle will become the new Ring of Honor World Television Champion?