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Photo Credit: WWE

Jaida Parker Gave Michin A Promise: You Touch My Title, I’m Gonna Leave Your Ass Black And Blue

During Tuesday’s episode of NXT, an NXT Women’s North American Championship summit took place that saw Jaida Parker and Michin get into it. After the fact, Parker wants Michin to know who’s yard she’s walking into.

Speaking during a recent appearance on The Ringer Wrestling Show, Parker addressed the segment, and said that first on her list to go after during the Ladder Match to determine the inaugural champion is Michin, because she doesn’t appreciate how she’s come back to NXT.

“First on my list is Michin,” said Parker. “You’re not going to just come back down here and think you run something. Baby, your time is up there. We a whole different generation down here, we a whole different era down here. Now like I told her last night, this is Jaida Parker’s time. And I gave her a warning…not a warning, it’s a promise. You touch my title and I’m gonna leave your ass black and blue, like that’s just that. [Lash Legend] just happened to be up in there, I’m gonna talk regardless. And I’m just saying what everybody else is thinking, I just don’t have a filter.”

Parker acknowledged that she does respect Michin, and the work she’s done both in and out of NXT, but Parker believes this is now her era, and means to prove it to her.

“I respect her, I respect her work and everything,” Parker said. “But like I said, at the end of the day you’re coming back into my territory to take my title. Why can’t you stay in your territory? Why do you have to come back down here, why you gotta bother us? But it’s okay, because she’s the HBIC of NXT and that’s perfectly fine. But you’re in Ms. Parker’s era, so she’s going to have to sharpen up, or you gotta go.”

The NXT Women’s North American Champion will be crowned at NXT Battleground on Sunday, June 9.