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Photo Credit: AEW

Saraya Targets The ‘Door’ At Wembley Stadium After Victory Over Mariah May

Saraya set her sights clearly on AEW All In at Wembley Stadium after beating Mariah May on AEW Dynamite.

The former WWE and AEW Women’s Champion defeated her fellow Briton on Dynamite, in a match rife with interference. Saraya forced Mariah May to tap out to the PTO.

After the match, Saraya and Harley Cameron cut a promo on May and Toni Storm, exclusively on Twitter. They mocked the pair after defeat, as Saraya made it clear she is targetting a match at Wembley Stadium for All In in August.

“What did she [Saraya] tell you? She said that she was going to beat the shit out of Mariah [May], and that’s exactly what she did! You know what? She gave her a free, televised colonoscopy!”

Saraya then jumped in, impressed by Harley’s use of the word “colonoscopy”;

“Are you laughing now, Mariah? Did you think I was joking, Toni [Storm]? No, I made your little bitch tap out in the middle of the ring.” Saraya said, before Harley Cameron added, “I just thought of something. You know ‘Hot girl graps’? What about ‘hot girl taps‘?! What about Mina [Shirakawa]? You came out at the end and then what? three-on-two? So brave.”

All throughout the promo, Zak Knight stood in the background, stoic.

Saraya ended the promo by saying, “I don’t care about your little ‘make-out parties’. You should be lining up to KISS MY ARSE! Because I don’t care about your little ‘throuple’. I don’t care about care about Forbidden Door. The only door I care about is when I come and I go to Wembley Stadium.”