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More Details On Penta El Zero Miedo’s AEW Contract Status, Trademark On His Name

Penta El Zero Miedo will reportedly see his current AEW contract expire this summer. WrestleZone has learned some more information about his situation.

On Thursday, Lucha Libre Online reported that Penta El Zero Miedo’s contract is set to expire sometime in August or September. In addition, it was noted that WWE would be interested in signing him, were he to become available.

WrestleZone has learned more details about Penta El Zero Miedo’s status, as well as new information about the trademark on his name.

WrestleZone reported in 2020 that Penta and Fenix’s original AEW contracts were set to expire on August 31, 2020. However, the pair signed one-year deals that extended their respective stays in AEW through August 2021.

Contract Status

We were not able to confirm the details of their current contracts at this time. However, we did learn that AEW has adjusted the terms included in some of their multi-year contracts.

Typically, AEW asks that most new contracts be for two years with a third option year. AEW would have the choice to pick up that option year, not the performer. (In the past, contracts had a mutual option year agreed upon by AEW and the talent.) It’s worth noting that these terms are not instituted across the board as some talent could have longer deals, but most are asked for at least three years.

If Penta El Zero Miedo and Fenix signed multi-year deals with those terms in August 2021, they could be in their respective option years, and Penta’s August/September 2024 expiration date would be accurate. Fenix’s status is unclear, however, as AEW could’ve added time onto his current deal due to how long he was sidelined due to injuries keeping him out of the ring.


While looking into Penta’s contract status, WrestleZone also learned that the trademark on his name had expired. It is unclear why Penta’s management team allowed the trademark to lapse. However, they re-applied for “Penta El Zero Miedo” on May 15.

AEW has referred to him as “Penta El Zero M” and “Penta El Zero Miedo” on television and in ads. Penta owned the rights to “Penta El Zero Miedo” for use in the United States for several years. This was due to AAA Lucha Libre owning the rights to his previous name, Pentagon Jr.

Penta and Lucha Libre FMV LLC both applied to trademark the (slightly differently spelled) name “Penta Zero M,” but those have since been abandoned.