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AJ Francis Wins TNA Digital Media Championship

AJ Francis continues to impress in TNA, picking up the Digital Media Championship on this week’s episode of Impact.

The man formerly known as “Top Dolla” linked up with the company earlier this year, debuting at Hard To Kill 2024. He has been embroiled in a feud with Joe Hendry for months, and his title win could potentially be a factor in their rivalry.

The former NFL player hadn’t tasted gold in TNA before this week’s episode of Impact. However, a match against Laredo Kid put an end to his title drought.

AJ Francis, representing First Class, challenged the TNA Digital Media Champion Laredo Kid in the middle of Impact this week. Francis goaded the champion into a match, having not earned himself a title shot in the ring.

Flanked by teammate Rich Swann, AJ Francis battled the champion. He dwarfed his opponent, who had to utilise his speed and agility to have a chance against his much larger opponent.

The match ended when AJ Francis caught Laredo Kid in a chokeslam position, before lifitng him up into a powerbomb and then simply hitting a chokeslam anyway. He pinned the champion, becoming the TNA Digital Media Champion for the first time.

This is also AJ Francis first title gold in TNA (not counting being the Cheez-it Champion).

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AJ Francis: I Wrestle Like An 80s Heel

Francis recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. Francis discussed his current in-ring philosophy and how you have to listen to what the crowd is saying.

“For me, I like it when it comes to what you just said about matches and whatnot. I don’t believe in the — I wrestle like an 80’s heel,” AJ Francis said. “I actually listen to the crowd and what they say; I don’t run a spot because I know the spot is coming up. I’m gonna let things breathe.

“And a lot of times, it’s like, especially now, that makes my matches so different than everybody else’s because nobody’s doing that. Why would I try to [like] wrestle Speedball Mike Bailey when A, I can’t and B, if I did, it would be a disservice when I can wrestle the exact opposite, and then everybody’s like, ‘Oh, you both are good,’” Francis explained.

“You’ve got to find a way to stand out. To me, it’s like, character sh-t. It’s taking your time; it’s telling a story within a match. It’s Easter eggs; It’s actually listening to the crowd,” he added. “One thing I’m going to do is listen to what the crowd is saying. I’m going to play into the crowd because that’s why you’re there.”

Check out the full interview below: