WWE Clash at the Castle Drew McIntyre Damian Priest (1)
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Drew McIntyre Says Clash At The Castle 2024 Might Be The Biggest Match Of His Career

In two weeks in Scotland, the WWE Clash At The Castle Premium Live Event will be making a return. At the PLE, hometown hero Drew McIntyre will finally get his rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He will be wrestling the current champion Damian Priest. Recently, the Scottish Warrior opened up about his match.

McIntyre was interviewed by The Indian Express. During the interview, the Scottish Warrior shared his thoughts on his upcoming match. He also compared it to his experience in 2022.

“It might be the biggest match of my whole career. My first world title win was at the height of the pandemic, with nobody there, the second world title win was very much the same in the Thunder Dome. Looking into the last Clash of the Castle, it was perfect. It was in Wales, it was in the UK where I’m from, and it was perfect until it wasn’t perfect when Solo Sikoa debuted to cost me the title and ruin that moment.

“This time we get a redo. We get a redo not just in Wales, not just in the UK, but specifically in Scotland, where I’m from where I never imagined it would be a big state WWE PLE with myself in the main event for the world titles.”

Drew McIntyre reflects on his Universal Title Match at the 2022 edition of Clash At The Castle

The Scottish Warrior also shared how important his Universal Title match against Roman Reigns was at the 2022 Clash At The Castle.

“A few dozen of my friends and family are going to be there as the clash is taking place in Scotland. I’ve missed some of my buddy’s weddings and stuff because I’ve been so focused on this career. This is a chance to get us all together and a chance to celebrate hopefully, and I present the world title and say, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve been gone chasing this title, and hey I did it, and know your son, your brother or your uncle, your friend, is the finally World Heavyweight Champion.’ The difference this time is that I don’t take it for granted. I have to be ready for anything, and I have to be willing to do anything to get the job done,” Drew McIntyre said.

Can McIntyre finally capture the WWE World Title in his home turf?