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Tony Khan Books Wrestling For The Sickos, Because ‘That’s Who I Am And That’s Who I Care About’

Tony Khan is a sicko.

On Thursday, Tony Khan made waves after announcing several big matches for upcoming episodes of Dynamite and Collision. One of the matches announced will feature Mercedes Moné facing off with CMLL star Zeuxis (who will also be highlighted in an “informative video package” for those fans worried about the lack of story or background).

Khan had some fun with the reactions to his announcement, writing that he’s booking wrestling matches that appeal to all of the “sickos” out there.

This remark was not only a reference to the popular “Sickos” meme, but Khan also dropped a reference to the 1995 Chris Farley film Tommy Boy. In the movie, Ray Zalinsky (Dan Akroyd) used the slogan, “I make car parts for the American working man because that’s what I am, and that’s who I care about.”

Tony Khan just sold a bunch of people on this week’s slate of AEW shows… or he just sold a half a million brake pads!