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Photo Credit: TNA

Drew McIntyre: I Believe In Joe Hendry

Drew McIntyre is firmly on the Joe Hendry hype train.

The Scot is gearing up for next week’s Clash at the Castle event, and has been talking about the TNA star in a recent interview with Cultaholic. The pair have clashed numerous times in the past in Scotland, with many fans hoping to see Hendry turn up in the WWE for the first time next weekend.

Ahead of Clash at the Castle, they asked Drew McIntyre about his opinion of Joe Hendry. The former WWE Champion is “very proud” of his fellow Scot. He notes that Hendry deserves his opportunity in TNA, due to his hard work, and that the sky is the limit for the Local Hero.

They also discussed Hendry’s “I’m Blue” parody song. Hendry created while the pair were feuding in ICW. McIntyre laughed when first seeing the film, saving his legitimate reaction for when he was in front of the cameras.

“I believe in Joe Hendry. I do. He’s doing awesome. I’m very proud of him, especially getting his song so high up in the charts and causing as much buzz as he’s caused. He deserved a big opportunity for a long time. Thankfully, he’s been able to showcase himself on IMPACT (TNA). I’m sure he’s just going to keep going up and going up. The sky’s the limit, he can do it all.”

“I’m sure the fans of this channel have seen the “I’m Drew” video, to the tune of “I’m Blue”, which I did not watch prior! I wanted my legit reaction. I laughed my head off the whole time when I was supposed to be angry!”

Joe Hendry Reacts To McIntyre’s Comments

Say his name and he appears! Joe Hendry was quick to react to McIntyre’s comments about him.

The Local Hero called McIntyre “the best” claiming that he has no idea how much his words meant to the TNA star.

On his Twitter account, Joe Hendry wrote:

“You have no idea how much this means. @DMcIntyreWWE is the best”