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Adam Copeland On Chris Jericho: He’s So Much Fun To Watch, He’s Recreated Himself Again

Adam Copeland is a big fan of what Chris Jericho is doing with his new Learning Tree gimmick on AEW programming.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Adam Copeland was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio. While discussing his eventual in-ring return, Copeland doesn’t believe he’ll need to change what his character is right now when he comes back but takes the time to credit Chris Jericho for once again reinventing himself as The Learning Tree.

“I don’t know how much I’d change, honestly. I think it’s just one more instance of grizzled vet fighting back from another one,” Adam Copeland said. “But then the people let you know, too. I might come back, and they might boo me out of the building, I don’t know, but you know, right now, I’m watching Jericho and man, he’s so much fun to watch. It’s like he’s recreated himself again.

“He’s into what the naysayers have said, and he’s took it and run. And now he’s bringing Bryan Keith and Big Bill with him. He’s the perfect person to bring those two guys along, and get them spotlight, and get their character. Because clearly, they can both do character work. Brian Keith, he might be one of my favorite characters all of a sudden, I love it.

“And then here’s the seven-foot, 300-pound ripped dude being Professor Positive. And it’s, I don’t know, I love it. So there’s something to recreation. I just don’t know if this instance is that with me.”

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What do you make of Adam Copeland’s comments? Have you been enjoying Chris Jericho’s Learning Tree in All Elite Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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