NWA Samhain 2
Photo Credit: NWA

NWA Announces Date And Venue For NWA Samhain 2

The date and venue for NWA Samhain 2 have been confirmed.

On June 7, the National Wrestling Alliance announced that the show would emanate from the Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida, on October 26.

The post referenced how the inaugural SAMHAIN event was “memorable.” It was also called the most notorious show of the year.

It seems fairly clear that NWA is playing off the controversial cocaine spot involving James Mitchell, which sparked plenty of buzz at the first SAMHAIN show.

NWA star Colby Corino referenced the controversy as he joked that NWA would “lose the CW deal again.” Haus of Wrestling previously reported that Mitchell’s cocaine spot could have a negative impact NWA’s deal with The CW, per Haus of Wrestling. However, NWA and CW went on to announce a streaming deal in February 2024.

In the main event of NWA Samhain 2023, EC3 beat Thom Latimer to retain the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Plus, Blunt Force Trauma defeated Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Elsewhere on the show, Kenzie Paige retained the NWA World Women’s Championshiip by beating Ruthie Jay.

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