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WWE SmackDown Results (6/7/24)

WWE SmackDown Results

June 7, 2024

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

The show starts with WWE Champion Cody Rhodes angrily pacing back and forth in the parking lot. Rhodes is waiting for AJ Styles to arrive at the arena.

In-Ring Segment: The Bloodline

Paul Heyman notes that as the Wiseman for The Bloodline, it falls to him to set records straight. Heyman chokes as he announces that until Roman Reigns returns, Solo Sikoa sits at the head of the table. The crowd chants that they want Roman. Heyman announces that Tama Tonga will now be known as Tama Tonga, “The Right-Hand Man.” As Heyman tries to make his other announcement, the crowd chants for Roman Reigns again. Heyman officially announces “The Infamous” Tonga Loa as a full member of The Bloodline.

Heyman thanks the crowd and says goodnight. Sikoa stops Heyman and notes Heyman has another announcement. Sikoa tells Heyman he needs to thank Tonga and Loa for saving him from Kevin Owens last week. Heyman does. Heyman tells Sikoa that Kevin Owens is looking for a fight with any member of The Bloodline he can get his hands on. Kevin Owens’ music hits. Owens charges the ring and brawls with each member of The Bloodline. The Street Profits make the save. Owens beats on each member of The Bllodline with a chair.

WWE Women’s tag Team Champions Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill vs. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae

After a cheapshot, Hartwell drives Belair into her corner. LeRae and Hartwell work over Belair. Alba Fyre and Ilsa Dawn hope the barricade. Belair fires up and lands the superstar press. Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler walk down the ramp to watch the match. After the break, Belair tags in Cargill clears the ring. Cargill and Belair hit their finish on Hartwell for the win.

Winners- Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill

After the match, Fyre, Dawn, Baszler, and Stark attack Belair and Cargill. After the champions are laid out, their four attackers brawl. Beliar and Cargill roll into the ring and lay everyone out.

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In the parking lot, Rhodes is still pacing. SmackDown GM Nick Aldis walks up and tells Rhodes he can’t fight in the parking lot because someone could get hurt. Rhodes says Aldis is right. Someone will, but it won’t be Rhodes.

Backstage, Legado del Fantasma attacks Apollo Crews.

Johnny Gargano w/Tomasso Ciampa vs. Grayson Waller w/Austin Theory

After a bit of back and forth, Gargano hits a sliced bread on the floor but lands awkwardly on his shoulder. After the break, Gargano tries a dive. Waller pulls Theory in the way to avoid the hit. Theory gets completely wiped out. Theory hits a front flip Unprettier for the win.

Winner- Grayson Waller

Waller celebrates in the ring while Theory looks on, licking his wounds.

AJ Styles arrives and taunts Rhodes from behind security. Rhodes gets frustrated and stomps out to the ring. Rhodes grabs a mic and demands Styles bring his a$$ to the ring right now. Rhodes begs. Styles eventually appears on the stage, flanked by Gallows and Anderson. Security runs out and stands between everyone. Styles says he doesn’t care what Rhodes wants.

Styles tells Rhodes to give him what he wants. The crowd boos as Styles yells he wants a title shot at Clash at the Castle. Rhodes quickly agrees, but he wants an “I Quit” Match. GM Aldis walks down to the ring and gives the thumbs-up to the match. Rhodes rolls out of the ring and attacks the security guards to try to get his hands on Styles. Once Rhodes is being held back by security, Styles cheap shots Rhodes.

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Backstage, Belair and Cargill announce they are going to defend their tag titles in a triple threat match at Clash at the Castle.

LA Knight vs. Carmelo Hayes

Knight eventually reverses a roll up by Hayes into a roll up of his own for the win.

Winner- LA Knight

Backstage, Tiffany Stratton pitches a team up to Nia Jax. Ja doesn’t respond as Stratton walks off.

In-Ring Segment: WWE Women’s Champion Bayley

Bayley says she is entering uncharted territory when she faces Piper Niven at Clash at the Castle. Piper Niven and Chelsea Green interrupt. Green says Bayley is a loser. Niven will beat Bayley, and THEY will be the Women’s Champion. Bayley tells Niven she doesn’t need Green. Bayley puts Niven over. Niven snatches the mic from Green and tells Bayley she’s better than her. Niven says Bayley is going to be looking up at the lights as Niven is announced as the new WWE Women’s Champion.

Kevin Owens and The Street Profits vs. The Bloodline w/Paul Heyman

Dawkins floors Tonga with a lariat. Corkscrew splash by Dawkins. Ford tags in and lands a dropkick. Tonga forces Ford into the corner and lands a flurry of strikes. Loa and Tonga beat down Ford together. After the break, Sikoa is leading the assault on Ford. Ford manages to tag in Owens. Owens crushes Sikoa in the corner with a senton. Sikoa kicks out after Owens’ swanton off the top. Sikoa blocks the Stunner. After a superkick exchange, Owens drops Sikoa with a Stunner. Tonga pulls Sikoa out of the ring. A mele happens at ringside. Ford leaps over the barricade and lands on everyone. Sikoa hits Ford with a chair, causing a disqualification.

Winners- Kevin Owens and the Street Profits

After the match, The Bloodline attacks everyone. Sikoa Spears Ford. Sikoa and the Tongans put Owens through the announce table with a Cerberus Bomb.

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