Rossy Ogawa
Photo by World Wonder Ring STARDOM (Twitter @rossystardom)

Rossy Ogawa Calls Kenny Omega’s Recent Claims About Him False

Rossy Ogawa has responded to Kenny Omega‘s recent comments regarding the former owner of STARDOM.

Back in April, All Elite Wrestling‘s Kenny Omega spoke in depth about his feelings toward Ogawa and cautioned those who speak highly of him that the truth will eventually come out.

Marigold owner Rossy Ogawa recently spoke with Sports Graphic Number Web. When asked about Kenny Omega’s recent comments about him, Ogawa called the claims false statements and went as far as to call them defamation.

“People said that [I] was getting in the way with the AEW thing … But that’s not true,” Rossy Ogawa said. “Kenny Omega is attacking me over there, saying things that aren’t true, but that’s defamation … Many people make various statements, but there are a lot of false statements.”

It’s unknown if Ogawa plans to take any action against Omega, but using the word defamation certainly implies that he might.

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