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Bianca Belair: Teaming With Jade Cargill Has Been Refreshing, Made Me A Better Superstar

Bianca Belair is no stranger to titles throughout her WWE career, and she recently explained the difference in her solo career versus that of her ongoing tag team title reign with Jade Cargill.

Speaking to Denise Salcedo in a recent interview, Belair opened up about her new run as a tag team performer. She called the change up different, but a breath of fresh air from the “overwhelming” life of a solo champion.

“It’s very different for me,” Belair said. “Like you said, majority of my career, almost all of my career, it’s been singles. I’ve been going after the women’s title, and I’ve been in the title picture at WrestleMania almost every year, and it was great. I got a lot of amazing opportunities, I got to main event WrestleMania. I’ve gotten to hold every one of the titles.

“I held the [WWE RAW Women’s Championship] the longest, and it was fun, and it was great. I got to make a lot of history and step in the ring with a lot of amazing women. But after four years of just going nonstop in the title picture, it can get just overwhelming a little bit. Because you’re not just being in the title picture, you’re being champion for most of those years, inside and outside of the ring, it’s a lot.”

Belair also opened up about the stress of being a champion while also working on a reality television series, and said that unlike previous years, she was less anxious at WrestleMania 40.

It’s so empowering

“And, you know, filming a reality series on top of that, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed and burnt out a little bit. So to be able to be a part of this tag team, it’s very fresh, very refreshing for me. I remember this year at WrestleMania…I’m always nervous, but I didn’t have as much anxiety.

“I actually felt like I could breathe and take a deep breath and I could just soak everything in, and now being in this tag team with [Jade Cargill] is a different role for me, but I feel like it’s just continuing to make me a better superstar, a better wrestler, and enjoying the process. My goal this year was to have fun, and we’re tag team champions, and we get to bounce ideas off of each other, and it’s new and it’s just refreshing. It’s fun.”

As far as Bianca Belair’s tag team reign, she said a goal of hers has been to just have fun this year, and so far, she’s having it with Cargill.

“Our tag team represents so much, it’s so empowering,” said Belair. “We represent strong, bold, unapologetic women, and I think we are similar, but we’re very different in a lot of different ways, and I’m looking forward to continuing this tag team title reign to show that.”