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Joe Hendry: Jordynne Grace Is An Awesome Representative Of TNA, She’s Their Biggest Star

Joe Hendry discusses Jordynne Grace crossing over into NXT.

At NXT Battleground, TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace will challenge Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship. Grace crossing over into NXT marks a major step in the collaboration between WWE and TNA.

Speaking with Adam Wilbourn of WhatCulture Wrestling, TNA’s Joe Hendry shared his thoughts on Jordynne Grace competing for NXT.

“Jordynne Grace has appeared, and has done phenomenally well, and is challenging for the NXT [Women’s Championship]. What I will say is, I think that Jordynne is such an awesome representative of TNA,” Joe Hendry said. “She’s someone that really inspires me. When I talk to even wrestling students back home about getting better, I talk about, I get them to rate themselves as wrestlers, and I do the same thing.

“I rate myself and go, ‘What am I out of ten on physique? What is my promo? What is my match quality?’ I rate myself on everything and then go, every three months or so, can I improve by one point? So I feel like that’s the journey I’ve been on.”

Joe Hendry Praises Jordynne Grace

Joe Hendry continued by saying that he believed that Jordynne Grace is world-class in all areas. He called her TNA’s biggest star and said that she was doing an amazing job.

“I look at Jordynne, and she is, to me, she is world-class in all areas, I think that she is an awesome representative,” Hendry said. “I think she’s shown tremendous leadership, and I think, in my view, she’s the biggest star in the company. She’s done an amazing job, and she’s continuing to do an amazing job. I’m supportive of what she’s doing as a colleague. I think it’s amazing that both companies are working together.”

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