WWE NXT Battleground Results
Image Credit: WWE

WWE NXT Battleground: Trick Williams vs. Ethan Page Result

In the main event of WWE NXT Battleground, Trick Williams defended the NXT Championship against Ethan Page.

Ethan Page arrived in NXT on the June 4 episode of NXT and attacked Trick Willims. Page negotiated with General Manager Ava the following week and secured a title shot at NXT Battleground on June 9.

Page and Williams faced off in a buzzworthy bout on Sunday, and they battled back and forth. “All Ego” took a big swing by slamming Williams throughout the broadcast table. In the end, Page argued with the referee, and Williams capitalized on the distraction by hitting the Trick Shot for the win.

After the bell, Wiliams celebrated his win with NXT Battleground host Sexyy Red.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by play coverage:

Cyclone boot by Williams. Page kicks out. Williams goes up top. Page rips Williams off the top and lands a running knee. Two count only. Williams and Page trade shots. Bookend by Williams. Page kicks out. Williams sets up a suplex through the commentary desk. Page reverses it into a powerslam through the table. Razors Edge by Page. Williams kicks out. Page gets distracted yelling at the referee about the count. Williams lands the Trick Shot out of nowhere for the win.

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