ludwig kaiser
Photo Credit: WWE

Ludwig Kaiser Names WWE Legends He Wants To Wrestle

Ludwig Kaiser would love to face Randy Orton, despite his recent defeat to Gunther.

The 14-time WWE Champion was defeated in the final of the King of the Ring tournament by Gunther. This happened as King and Queen of the Ring, as Gunther earned even more accolades for Imperium.

However, Kaiser also wants to step into the ring with the WWE legends. The German star spoke with Sportskeeda recently, who asked him which legends he would love to face in the ring.

He named Randy Orton as one man he’d love to face, while also mentioning how he wants to face Sheamus again, following his win over the Irishman on Raw.

“If you look at the WWE right now, it is just incredible how many legendary names we have to offer and how much greatness is there. Looking back at moments like the King of the Ring. Randy Orton against Gunther. It really shows you how special it is to be a part of this right now. Whether you’re a fan or actively in the ring, it is such a special time. Decades from now, people are going to look back at this era and say, ‘Wow, what happened back then? Everybody was so lucky to be part of this.’ That’s exactly how I feel about it.”

“Somebody like Randy Orton is definitely special to me, probably the absolute very best ever. He’s such a legend to me and definitely someone I always looked up to, even when I was a teenager. I always knew I wanted to do this, so he was definitely someone I was looking forward to meeting, seeing in action, learning from, and all those things.”

“But obviously, right now my focus is on another legend, and that is Sheamus. He has an absolutely legendary career and is an absolutely legendary WWE Superstar. But now, it’s my turn to knock on the door of those legends, show that I’m here, and prove that there is a reason I’m here. This is just the beginning.”