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Photo Credit: TNA Wrestling

Nic Nemeth Reveals That He Almost Joined The Heart Throbs In WWE

Former WWE Superstar and current TNA star Nic Nemeth recently shared a story of how he was initially supposed to be a part of another infamous tag team.

Nemeth was one-fifth of the notorious Spirit Squad in WWE. However, he recently shared that he was almost recruited as a member of The Heart Throbs team.

The Heart Throbs consisted of Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli. The duo began their career in the independent circuit. In 2003, the faction signed with WWE. After a three-year run in WWE, they signed with TNA Wrestling.

‘That was almost me.’

Recently, Nic Nemeth was a special guest on the Eyes Up Here podcast with Francine. During the interview, Nemeth revealed that during his initial WWE run, he was supposed to be part of the Heart Throbs faction. But then he saw that they ended up having a losing streak.

“There was a chance I was going to be in the Heart Throbs,” Nemeth said. “They were great wrestling dudes, who I liked, and they were jacked, and they had a couple of months run. Their debut was, like, losing. And I go, ‘That was almost me.’ And I was mad that I was in a cheerleading group.” [H/T WrestlingInc.]

What a rib

During the interview, Nemeth shared that one of his biggest fans in WWE was Pat Patterson.

“Pat Patterson was a big fan of mine,” Nemeth recalled. “The top of the top, other than Vince, pulled me aside and said, ‘Pat pushes for you so much because he sees such great things in you, that we’re now actively ribbing him by having you lose every week’… and they thought it was like a cool thing to tell me.”

Do you think Nemeth would have faired well by being a part of The Heart Throbs?