jordynne grace
Photo Credit: Jordynne Grace via Twitter

Jordynne Grace Has Chunk Of Her Earlobe Ripped Out At NXT Battleground

Following her loss at NXT Battleground, Jordynne Grace walked out without the NXT Women’s Champion and without her earring.

The TNA Knockouts Champion battled Roxanne Perez in a huge cross-promotional match. Despite her incredible size and power, she failed to put away the NXT Women’s Champion. Jordynne Grace lost a fantastic bout at the UFC Apex.

However, the defeat was not the most painful part. Instead, it was when Jordynne Grace’s earring was forcibly ripped from her earlobe during the bout, embedding itself in Perez’ leg.

This caused a chunk of her ear lobe to come apart from her ear. It was a move that would make Evander Holyfield blush. After the match, she promised to “retire” her earrings from “in-ring action”, following the accident that caused her to bleed from the ear.

She posted a photo of her damaged ear on Twitter, along with a caption that confirmed the retirement of her ear accessories.

“Very sad to announce that after many years of unproblematic, diligent work, my ear piercings will now retire from in-ring action.”

This is not the first time this has happened, so it is clear why she has retired her ear-wear. Last month in TNA, the same thing happened against Marti Belle of The Hex. One of her earrings was lodged in Marti’s tights, which she later took and tried to sell on eBay.

Jordynne Grace: Natalya Is Her Dream Match In TNA

Despite taking a loss on NXT, Jordynne Grace wants to invite one WWE star over to TNA to face her in the ring.

The TNA Knockouts Champion said she wants Natalya to “come over” to Impact. She revealed that she grew up watching the former women’s champion, calling her a “pioneer”.

“I’m still waiting for Natalya to come over,” Jordynne Grace said. “That’s one of my dream matches. She’s someone I watched growing up, and she’s never really been outside of WWE for the past two decades. She’s a pioneer, and I want to wrestle her in TNA.”