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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Dax Harwood Announces He Has Been Dealing With Back Injury, To Be Sidelined For Foreseeable Future

Best wishes to Dax Harwood.

In a tweet, Dax Harwood announced that he had been dealing with a messed up back and a hematoma on his lower back. He stated that FTR (Harwood and Cash Wheeler) would be off TV for a while.

Harwood apologized and noted that he should have been more truthful and upfront about some things that had been going on with him in recent months.

Harwood said he thought he could tough it out before he revealed that he “messed” his lower back up at AEW Dynasty, as he sustained a severe hematoma. He reiterated that he thought he could tough through it, but the hematoma blew up to the size of a football following the June 8 episode of AEW Collison.

The former tag team champion said that the pain had been excruciating, and he did not want TR to be taken off the road, so he did not tell anyone. He then revealed that, after getting an X-ray and talking to the medical team, AEW’s doctors told him that he had to get off the road, as the injury could get worse. He said that he did not know how long the injury would last, and FTR would be off television for a while. Harwood stated that he hoped he would be back sooner rather than later. He then thanked the fans and everyone he worked with.

WrestleZone wishes Dax Harwood well in his recovery, and we will provide more information as it becomes available.

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