Dominik Mysterio WWE RAW
Photo Credit: WWE

Dominik Mysterio Returns To The Ring On 6/10 WWE RAW

Dominik Mysterio made his in-ring return tonight at WWE RAW, and once again had a shocking run in with Liv Morgan.

During Monday’s RAW episode, Mysterio returned to the ring alongside JD McDonagh and Carlito in a six-man tag team match against Braun Strowman, Dragon Lee, and Rey Mysterio.

It was Dominik’s first match since the April 15 episode of Raw, where he lost to Andrade. Dominik suffered an elbow injury in what was described as a freak accident.

During the match, Liv Morgan made her way out to ringside and tried ot help Mysterio by getting on the ring apron. Dom went outside the ring to try and get her to leave, but instead caught Morgan as she was knocked off the apron by Zelina Vega. Morgan landed squarely on Mysterio’s lap, leading to an awkward moment for him.

In the end, Strowman, Rey Mysterio, and Lee won the match after Lee pinned Carlito in the chaos.