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Arn Anderson Didn’t Have All Of His Infamous ‘Glock’ Promo Planned, Shares What Inspired Him

One of the most famous promo segments in AEW history is the exchange between the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and The Enforcer Arn Anderson.

Recently, while speaking on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Arn Anderson reflected on the promo. He said he didn’t have all of the promo written down, but Cody Rhodes trusted him.

“I don’t know where that came from. It just popped in my head. Isn’t that crazy? Who thinks about stuff?… I had… Which… I think everybody on that panel will tell you that’s done a promo. You literally do get just bullet points in your head of things you want to say. And then try to organize them. You know that. You can’t sit down and just memorize or I can’t, a two-minute promo and then go out and recite it. I can’t do it. But you can get a couple of bullet points. And we’re getting ready to go through the curtain and I looked at Cody, I said, ‘I got most of it, I don’t have it all. Do you trust me?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I trust you.’ Famous last words.”

Arn Anderson did not have the ‘Glock’ part of the promo planned out

During the same interview, the Enforcer revealed that he honestly did not have the part where he mentioned that he would take his Gun out and shoot a man written down.

“So I really did not have that part of it. So we went out and poor Lee. Oh God Lee. Go back and look at the tape. Lee was like, he’s just seen a ghost. But it just popped into my head. My promos have always been and that what keeps them from being just typical promos. And something different I think is I give everybody something in real life that they can relate to. Something that doesn’t matter if it’s your mailman, it’s a construction worker, it’s a lawyer, doctor, you know and… These are tough times. Every time you caught on the news somebody’s taking somebody’s car away from them right there at the red light. Or all the wars, or the hurricanes, you name it. Life is full of that.

“And at that time I just thought. ‘Hey, let’s give them something. Let’s wake Cody up to what you think he should be again.’ That’s where the, ‘You take my car, I’ll spill your brains all over the sidewalk.’ How’s that for afternoon delight? I look at Cody when I said that, he went, ‘Oh Jesus,’” Arn Anderson said.

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