matt cardona
Photo Credit: IssitaMarie/IG

Matt Cardona: Indy God Isn’t Just A Gimmick Name

One of the popular stars who has been dominating the Independent Wrestling scene is the self-proclaimed Indy God, Matt Cardona. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has been sidelined due to a torn pectoral muscle injury. Recently, Cardona returned to the squared circle as a Special Guest General Manager for GCW.

Matt Cardona took to Twitter to reflect on his appearance and appreciated having creative ways to stay active in the wrestling world despite his injury.

“Tearing my pec in the middle of a match wasn’t in my plans for 2024. But MY creative has EVERYTHING for me. I’ve figured out a way to stay busy all summer and I’m planning a return that will get everybody talking. #AlwayzReady #StillHere,” Matt Cardona tweeted.

A fan replied by appreciating Cardona and thanked him for showing up and helping out the Independent Scene as much as he could.

“You coming to New Era Wrestling this past weekend and becoming the guest GM was a nice surprise. Most other people would’ve canceled after they got injured, but you didn’t. You showed up and helped put on a good show. So thank you for doing that. Much respect to you,” the fan tweeted.

The former WWE Superstar replied to the fan by mentioning that his nickname the ‘Indy God’ is not just a gimmick and he also performs because he loves professional wrestling.

“Indy God isn’t just a gimmick name. I do the big shows. I do the small shows. I do the shows that get me the buzz. I do the shows that I won’t get 1 tweet about. Yeah…I do it for the money. But I also do it because I love this sh*t,” Matt Cardona tweeted.

What are your thoughts on Matt Cardona’s independent run?