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Kevin Nash Offers Advice To Will Ospreay, Says It Would Make Him More Believable

Kevin Nash has given Will Ospreay advice after a match on AEW Dynamite.

Nash spoke on a recent episode of his Kliq THIS podcast about a recent match in AEW. He talked about the tag team match from the May 22nd episode of AEW Dynamite, which pitted Roderick Strong and Trent Beretta against Orange Cassidy and Will Ospreay.

Strong and Beretta won the match, thanks to interference from Wardlow. This led to two matches at Double or Nothing, one of which saw Will Ospreay beat Roderick Strong for the AEW International Title. Orange Cassidy also battled Trent at the pay-per-view, picking up the victory.

However, Kevin Nash had one small criticism for Will Ospreay in that tag team match. The WWE Hall of Famer critiqued the Englishman’s punches. He said Ospreay’s punches were “rushed” and too fast, and advised him to slow down.

Nash said that Ospreay should watch Shawn Michaels to see how to throw slower, more effective, punches.

“Will Ospreay, as much as Meltzer puts him over, has a tendency to throw bad, rushed punches to keep that speed. Everything is about that speed, pace, and rhythm. If you’re out there, slow down. Watch Shawn Michaels. He made his punches count. Watch Shawn throw those punches, especially against somebody like Scott [Hall].”

“His punches looked like they could hurt you. Slow those down. You can still motor off quick with a step and a half if you get cut off and thrown off the ropes. You can still motor and do everything; it’s not going to slow the match down. It’s going to make you more believable. I’m saying this to you out of trying to help you out. I’m sure you’ve got a dojo somewhere that you’re going to challenge me next week!”

Do you agree with Nash’s critique?

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