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Adam Copeland: My Doctor Is ‘Optimistic’ About Return From Broken Tibia

Adam Copeland is out recovering from surgery, but he’s got a positive mindset about his eventual return to the ring.

Copeland spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated about his last match to date, a steel cage match with Malakai Black at AEW Double Or Nothing. Copeland broke his tibia during an attempted elbow drop off of the cage and recently had surgery to repair it.

Copeland can’t put any weight on his foot for at least two months. However, due to past injuries, he knows what to expect, and his doctor gave him some more optimistic news.

“My Achilles tear a few years ago led to my most difficult rehab, and I’m expecting more of that,” said Copeland. “I’m 50. I know what’s in front of me. But the surgery was successful, and the doctor was optimistic because my bones are healthy. It’s my seventh surgery, so I know the drill. We’ll see how my body cooperates.”

That’s a good week

Copeland could likely be back by the end of the year. He reflected on everything he’s done in AEW so far, noting that it’s “just the tip of the iceberg.”

“I enjoyed everything I’ve done so much, and that bled through on-screen,” said Copeland. “I changed a lot of what I was doing. Change makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It keeps me alive. Change is fun. I got to change and wrestle a whole new roster. In the same week in AEW, I wrestled Brody King in a no-DQ on a Wednesday and then exchanged holds with Kyle O’Reilly in a technical match on a Saturday. That’s a good week.

“I exchanged head scissors with Penta and forearms with Suzuki. I love sinking my teeth into different styles. Coming to AEW, I have that opportunity to show that. It’s not that WWE didn’t, but there becomes a certain formula, especially when you’re only kicking around every few months. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve only worked with a quarter of the roster.”

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