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Bret Hart On WCW: Thanks For Nothing, Go F*ck Yourselves

Bret Hart doesn’t hold back.

WCW is back in the spotlight, as the new series “Who Killed WCW?” is examining the downfall of the company. Various legends were interviewed for the show, including former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart.

In a tweet, the account for Dark Side of the Ring shared a compilation of Bret Hart commenting on his time in WCW to preview the second part of “Who Killed WCW?”

“I was a very good witness to the madness that was WCW. I’ve got lots to say about it,” Bret Hart said. “What a bunch of idiots. Imbeciles. Stupid as it gets. Stupid, clueless idiot. Bunch of clueless nuts. Is there anybody here that’s got any brains? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Every day, every night. So stupid. Just really stupid. The biggest cutthroat bunch of conniving back-stabbing idiots you’ve ever seen in your life. 

“That is such bullshit. It’s the work of an idiot. Pathetic. Really stupid. Idiots. Are you an idiot? Lost. Idiot. He was the shits. You’ll always be seen as a complete failure. The term ‘motherf*ckers’ is what would cross my mind pretty regularly. Thanks for nothing. Go f*ck yourselves. [Laughs]”

Part 2 of “Who Killed WCW?” premieres at 10 p.m. ET on VICE on June 11.

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