Wendy Choo WWE NXT
Photo Credit: WWE

Wendy Choo Returns With Dark Persona, Puts Brinley Reece To Sleep On 6/11 WWE NXT

Wendy Choo is back.

Wendy Choo returned to NXT TV on the June 11 episode after her comeback had been teased in a series of vignettes in recent weeks. Right away, it was clear that this was not the same Wendy that fans had known before. Choo came out with darker music and creepy makeup. Her demeanor was different as well.

Wendy’s new persona was evident throughout her match against Brinley Reece, as she showcased more aggression. She locked in a submission hold and put Reece to sleep to score the win in her return.

The bout marked Choo’s first time competing on NXT TV since January 2023. She continued to compete at NXT live events and NXT Level Up tapings until May 2023. Choo then missed nearly a year before she returned at the NXT Level Up taping on April 30. She has since competed at two NXT live events.

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