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Bryan Danielson: My Wife (Unsuccessfully) Tried To Convince Our Kids That Blood From Strap Match Was Ketchup

Brie and Bryan Danielson (unsuccessfully) tried to keep it kayfabe.

Danielson has been a part of this business for more than two decades. Now, that he has a family, he seems to be finding it a bit harder to balance work and his family.

Recently, Danielson sat down for an interview with Chris Kelly for The Washington Post. During the conversation, Danielson mentioned that his busy schedule is making it hard for his children and also for his wife Brie Garcia.

“It’s not only hard for the kids, it’s hard on my wife, too, because she’s not even a stay-at-home mom — which is a hard job as it is — she runs three companies, and she’s got her own wine tasting thing in Napa,”

The former WWE Superstar also shared that ever since he returned from ‘retiring‘ the first time, he has not been taking his time in the ring for granted.

The American Dragon also shared that his kids were allowed to watch his strap match against Ricky Starks. When Bryan Danielson was “bleeding buckets” in the match, Brie told their son, Buddy, that it was only ketchup. Later, Danielson said Buddy scraped his shin and when it was bleeding, he sarcastically told Danielson that it was also ketchup.

“When I got home after that, he had scraped his shin and it was bleeding and he goes, ‘Look, Daddy, it’s ketchup, just like yours,’” Bryan Danielson said, mimicking his son’s sarcastic tone.

The American Dragon also mentioned that he is going to retire from professional wrestling this year. Once he retires, he will be spending a lot more time with his kids and also mentioned that his kids need him around at this age.

Who would you like to see be the final opponent of Bryan Danielson?