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Photo Credit: WWE

Shawn Michaels: It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Been Close To Hip, But I Felt It Singing With Sexyy Red

Shawn Michaels felt “hip” for the first time in ages when he sang with Sexyy Red recently.

The Heartbreak Kid recruited rapper Sexyy Red into NXT recently. She appeared on NXT a few weeks ago to unveil the NXT Women’s North American Championship, as well as on a number of other segments on the show.

Sexyy Red also joined Shawn Michaels for the drive home from the arena. In a video posted to the WWE NXT Twitter account, Shawn Michaels and Sexyy Red serenaded their followers with a rendition of “Sexy Boy”, Michaels classic WWE theme song.

Shawn Michales spoke about that moment in an interview with The Schmo. He called the moment “pretty fun”, and said it is the first time he’s been “hip” for a good long while.

“Pretty fun, I got to admit. Not as fun as it would have been maybe 30 years ago, but still pretty fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve been anything even in the ballpark of hip, but I felt like last week, I was there at least for a little while.”

Shawn Michaels: I’d Want To Face Logan Paul If I Was Younger

Shawn Michaels would love to face Logan Paul if he was twenty years younger.

Later in that same interview, he was asked about the current crop of wrestlers he’d love to face. He named Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul as someone a younger HBK would have a fantastic match against.

“A guy like Seth Rollins, I think I could get in there with and do fantastic stuff,” Michaels said. “Cody [Rhodes] is another one. Logan Paul, I think he’s somebody that’s incredibly talented. There are number of guys that I look at and I think to myself, ‘Gosh, if you were 20 years younger, wouldn’t it be really cool [to wrestle]?’”