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Cody Rhodes Credits ‘Goldeneye’ And James Bond For Inspiring His Love Of Watches

Cody Rhodes cites James Bond as the reason of his love for Omega watches.

The WWE Champion famously gifted watches to his WrestleMania opponents this year, including Roman Reigns and The Rock. WWE also managed to find Dusty Rhodes’ old Rolex watch to give to him, showing how important watches are to the WWE Superstar.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Cody Rhodes revealed where his love for Omega watches come from. He cited James Bond – specifically Pierce Brosnan’s Bond from the classic Goldeneye video game – as his inspiration to start collecting Omega Seamaster watches.

He noted that the watch in the movie, that was equipped with gadgets like a laser that burns through metal, was the reason why he loves them so much. The N64 video game, which revolutionized first-person shooters, inspired him, and that watch was the first in his collection.

“I have the Rolex bug. And I have a [Omega] Seamaster.” Cody Rhodes told Esquire. “The Seamaster is really based on my love for 007. So, I had the blue one. And I just told you I was responsible. Well, I may not have the blue one anymore. I have a green-faced one now. And I also have a No Time To Die one, too.”

“Pierce Brosnan was my first Bond. Using his Seamaster in GoldenEye and what it could do, and then in the GoldenEye Nintendo 64 game which was so famous. You could use the watch in the game as well. That was actually the first one in my collection. Just because of the love I had for his 007. And now all the 007s.”

In the same interview, he discussed playing Goldeneye on the N64. Cody Rhodes talked about how he played it when it came out in 1997, and again with his three-year-old daughter, Liberty, during the pandemic.

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