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WWE And Pro Wrestling NOAH Tease Major Announcement On 6/16

Something appears to be brewing between WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH.

At the beginning of 2023, WWE sent Shinsuke Nakamura to Japan to work against The Great Muta in Pro Wrestling NOAH in one of his final matches before retirement.

Last month, Yasuaki Okamoto, President of CyberFight Inc., the parent company of Pro Wrestling NOAH, made it clear that one of his goals was strengthening the relationship with WWE.

Fast forward to today, Pro Wrestling NOAH took to social media to announce that there will be a major announcement between the two companies at their Yokohama BUNTAI event on Sunday, tweeting out:

“#BREAKING A MAJOR announcement from NOAH & WWE will be made at our Yokohama BUNTAI event on Sunday!

A message from a certain wrestler will also be released!

*TV emoji* LIVE on #wrestleUNIVERSE

*Microphone emoji* English commentary

*Play button* emoji

#noah_ghc #WWE


#アベマでWWE,” Pro Wrestling NOAH said in a post.

While it’s currently unknown what the announcement will be and which wrestler will deliver the message, many have theorized that Nakamura will somehow be involved.

Stay tuned to WrestleZone for more information when it becomes available.

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What do you make of this tease from Pro Wrestling NOAH overall? What do you think their major announcement with WWE is? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.