Adam Copeland AEW Fight Forever
Image Credit: AEW Games

Adam Copeland Released As DLC For AEW Fight Forever

Adam Copeland might be sidelined from in-ring action, but you can play as him starting today in AEW Fight Forever.

AEW Games took to social media this morning to announce that Adam Copeland has been added to the Fight Forever roster with the Rated Gold Superstar DLC pack, tweeting out:

“He was told he would never do this again. But now @RatedRCope is standing in an AEW ring! The Rated R Superstar is in AEW Fight Forever! The Rated Gold Superstar Pack includes Adam Copeland, the all-new Fright Forever arena, plus 30 new customizations and 7 new moves! Available as a standalone DLC, or as part of the Season Pass 4 for consoles and PC today,” AEW Games said in a post.

Copeland’s arrival marks the second part of AEW Fight Forever Season 4’s DLC. Bullet Club Gold leader Jay White is the featured character of the third pack, which will reportedly arrive on July 10.

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan previously promised support of AEW Fight Forever for quite some time. Despite that, there is no word on if season 5 is currently in development.

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Are you excited about the overall addition of Adam Copeland to the AEW Fight Forever roster? Do you think there will be additional content in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.