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Eddie Kingston Reveals What He Bought With His First AEW Paycheck

Eddie Kingston rewarded himself with his first All Elite Wrestling paycheck.

All Elite Wrestling’s Eddie Kingston spoke to WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. While discussing legendary wrestling matches on YouTube, Kingston talked about being happy to have enough money to afford YouTube Premium now to watch things without commercials. He also revealed what he purchased with his first paycheck from the company.

“I got the Premium, man. I’m making enough money now where I can afford the YouTube Premium with no commercials,” Eddie Kingston said. “I’m all about it. That’s one of the highlights from my first paycheck from AEW.

“I got that, I got a PlayStation 5, and two pairs of Tims. Those are the things I got my first check, and that was the highlight of my day. And I paid my bills, but I was gonna get that stuff.”

You can check out our complete interview with Eddie Kingston in the embedded video below:

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