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Mark Henry Shares Why PAC Stopped Performing High Spots

Mark Henry gave PAC some interesting advice on how to improve in the ring.

PAC is one of the most impressive high-flyers in wrestler. He is a former NXT Champion, and held the AEW All-Atlantic and Trios Championships at the same time. This made him the company’s first-ever double champion.

However, Mark Henry wanted him to change in the ring. Despite PAC wowing crowds with his high-flying abilities and high-risk spots, Mark Henry wanted him to stop doing them completely. This seemed like an interesting idea, but one PAC took to heart just the same.

Mark Henry appeared on “Busted Open Radio” (via WrestlingInc), where he revealed the advice he gave to PAC. He said that PAC admitted Henry was right, while The World’s Strongest Man called the Englishman a “smaller version of me”.

“I told him to — I said man you so damn entertaining, all you got to do is act like you gonna go up there and then don’t do it. You want heat? He was like, “you’re right,” and he started doing it and I said you know who you are? You’re a smaller version of me. Be mean, be hateful, he’s just more physically talented than I am. That dude is incredible and another one that is under-utilized for his skillset.”

Mark Henry Wishes Tony Khan Let Him Help More In AEW

Mark Henry wishes he could have done more in AEW.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently sat down with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, where they discussed his time in AEW. He said he wanted to be more of a boss, to help AEW do well. He wished Tony Khan had allowed him to before he left the company.

“People are going to say negative things about Tony, but communication is the key,” Mark Henry said. “Like, I was able to communicate with Tony. Tony is the boss. So he don’t have to do nothing that I say, that’s because he’s the boss.

“But I wish that he would allow me to help him be even more the boss because talent will always try to lead you to do it their way, to make it fit them, rather than make it fit the company. And I just wanted AEW to do well.”