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The Undertaker: Living The Gimmick Would Be Very Difficult Today, You’re Getting Recorded Everywhere

The Undertaker thinks the way he kept Kayfabe would be a lot different today than when he was active.

The WWE Hall of Famer was famous for his commitment to his gimmick. The Undertaker was really seen outside the ring. He did very few interviews out of kayfabe, and was committed to his gimmick both on screen and in his real life.

The Undertaker spoke with Maven on the Six Feet Under podcast. They discussed how difficult it would be to stay in character all the time, as The Deadman did for the bulk of his career.

He said that, especially with phones so prevalent, The Undertaker would have to have no family and never go anywhere to get the same effect.

“It would be a, I mean, a super concerted effort to be able to do it. You would have to…I lived the gimmick for a long, long time. Sometimes it was very difficult. Right? But you, it would have to be, you got, you would almost have to be single. You’d have to be, obviously, not have kids.”

“Everywhere you go now somebody’s got a phone and you’re getting recorded everywhere. And so you would have to make a really concerted effort to do it. But it would be, I think, it would be like, dude, this guy’s, he’s not anywhere. He’s got no footprint. He’s got nothing anywhere.”

The Undertaker Said He Wouldn’t Have Social Media Back In The Day

The discussion went towards social media, where The Undertaker claimed he still struggled with the idea of using it today.

Maven asked him if social media had been prevalent years ago, would The Undertaker have embraced it while still in character. He said that if he had the mindset of always being in character like he had, then he would not have used it.

“I don’t know, cuz I still fight, I struggle with it every day. If I had the same mindset I had back in the day, but social media was there, yeah, I don’t think I’d have it.”