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Photo Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman Reacts To Viral Moment With Zelina Vega

Braun Strowman didn’t realize his own strength when celebrating with Zelina Vega.

On this past Monday Night Raw, the LWO and Braun Strowman defeated JD McDonagh, Dominik Mysterio and Carlito in a six-man tag team match. Dragon Lee combined with Strowman to pick up the win, while Liv Morgan brawled with Zelina Vega at ringside.

In a viral Twitter clip, Strowman and Vega celebrate in the ring after their victory. As they raise their hands aloft, Strowman doesn’t realize his own size and strength. He lifts the diminutive Vega off the ground, much to the Puerto Rican’s chagrin.

The video was viewed over a million times on Twitter.

Braun Strowman replied to the clip. He seemingly noted that the incident was an accident, and that he didn’t mean to lift the LWO member off the ground by her arm.

“I forget how strong I am some times!!! ” Braun Strowman wrote on Twitter.

Zelina Vega also found herself addressing the incident. She added some humor to the proceedings, while also showing the discomfort she felt as her arm was almost wrenched from her socket, live on TV.

She wrote: “If “let me go” was a person”, in reply to the video.

Braun Strowman Thought His Career Was Over Due To Injury

Braun Strowman thought he had to retire due to injuries suffered in the ring.

He recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet. The Monster Among Men stated that he was “terrified” of what happened, and thought his career could be over due to his “stenosis of the spine”.

“I didn’t know I had stenosis of the spine. It’s basically where there’s a tightening around your spinal column. So I only had nine millimeters of clearance around my spine between my C4 and C5 vertebrae. I didn’t know that, and I got hit wrong during a match. My head went back, and it pinched my spine. it felt like lightning bolts shot out of both my arms. My arms went limp, so if you watch the match back, you can see the point where it happened.”

“There’s a point where you see my arms drop to my side, and I kind of look around really weird, and finally, my hands and stuff start to move again. I’m looking at my hands, and I go to take off running, and I’m all wobbly, my balance is off, and things like that. We got the match finished, and I got in the back, and it felt like someone was pouring boiling hot water down both of my arms. It was on fire. So I was in this really terrifying place for a couple of weeks, not knowing, am I ever going to have a normal life again? Am I going to be able to do what I love? Am I going to be able to do anything?”