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Kris Statlander Says She’s ‘Unofficially’ Part Of AEW Medical Team, Helps Others Rehab From Injuries

Kris Statlander uses her history of injuries to help other AEW talent’s to recover.

The former TBS Champion has suffered two devastating knee injuries during her time in AEW. She has come back stronger from both of them, and is now putting on some of her best work alongside Stokely Hathaway on Dynamite.

Statlander has used her experience to help others recover from injuries, focusing on the mental side as well as the physical. She spoke with AEW Unrestricted, (via Post Wrestling) where Kris Statlander revealed she sees herself an “unofficial” member of the AEW medical team.

“A lot of injuries are mental than they are physical. But I am at least very thankful that even though I hated having to blow out both my knees and recover from them, I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me about their knee and leg injuries. I’m just happy to be someone that’s there to kind of walk them through it and give them some advice. Just let them know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Because I didn’t believe that light was there for a while but I got through it, here I am. It’s so easy to get negative and kind of just be like, ‘I’m done with wrestling’ because this is the worst feeling that I’ve ever had in the world. So it’s nice to be a mental advocate I guess. But also kind of a physical on. Because I’m unofficially a part of the medical team with helping other people rehab from their injuries in the ring.”

“Then wanting to rehab with them and wanting to find good steps and good feedback with the medical team about, ‘Hey, this might be too much at this point’ and, ‘Hey, I think we can start progressing a little bit more.’ It’s just been nice to know that I’ve been able to help out in other ways. Besides just what’s on-screen.”

Kris Statlander: Its Rewarding To Help People Recover

Kris Statlander continued. She revealed that is rewarding helping people to get through injuries like hers. She also revealed she is a licensed massage therapists, which also helps.

“It definitely is (rewarding). Especially since I am, technically, a licensed massage therapist. I don’t practice because I wouldn’t want people to just randomly want a massage, you know? That’s weird.”

“But it’s nice to still have some sort of medical aspect a part of my work, even though I had to kind of go through injuries and figure it out and then help everyone else figure it out and I feel like now, everyone’s feeling a lot more prepared once they come back from their injuries so it’s nice to say that I was kind of the groundwork for that.”