Tom Brady

John Cena Narrates Tom Brady’s New England Patriots Hall of Fame Induction Video

It is safe to say that Tom Brady is one of the greatest pro football stars ever.

Brady is the proud owner of seven Super Bowl Championship rings, the most by any player. He was also awarded the Super Bowl MVP a record five times. Now, the NFL star has been inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

His Hall of Fame Induction video was released by the Patriots and 16-time WWE World Champion, a G.O.A.T in his own right, John Cena was the narrator. Cena listed Tom Brady’s accolades and mentioned why he was one of the most celebrated Quarterbacks in NFL history.

“Who is this guy? Dismissed, unknown, and underestimated. Clearly they couldn’t see him. Who is this guy? The one who’s heart could not be measured. The one who’s drive outshined the rest. Who is this guy? The one who overcame the obstacles. The man who when pressured and pinned, let it all loose. A genuine leader. The man who saw the very best in his peers. Rallied them and led them to the pinnacle. Time, and time, time, and time, and time, and time again.

“The man who holds more records than any other player in the NFL, the one who thought his best win was the next one. The leader, the anchor, the son, the father. He’s kept us breathless, defining what it means to be a champion. And now, this [the Hall of Fame]. A legacy enshrined forever. In The Patriot Way. So, who is this guy?” John Cena narrated.

The Patriots also retired Brady’s ‘Number 12’ Jersey number in his honor.

Is Tom Brady the Greatest Quarterback of all time?