Joe Hendry Ace Steel
Photo Credit: TNA

Joe Hendry Has A New Manager, Ace Steel

Joe Hendry has recently been having a tough time in TNA Wrestling. Last week, the self-proclaimed Global Hero was attacked by The System. Joe Hendry then made a decision to go out and find someone who could help him ‘Shatter the Glass Ceiling.’

Joe Hendry has found the person who he believes will help him become the top star in TNA. While speaking to Gia Miller, Hendry revealed that the person he has picked to help him train. He is convinced that this person can help him become the best version of himself. It is none other than former AEW personnel Ace Steel.

“Gia, They say you can’t beat the system. And last week, the System beat me. They beat me down. But you will know this. If Joe Hendry is known for anything it’s his humility. So, given the circumstances, even I can admit, if I’m going to shatter the glass ceiling here in TNA and become the best, then maybe, I need to learn another thing or two. So, I have enlisted the help of someone who knows a thing or two about helping someone become the best in the world. Ace Steel,” Joe Hendry said.

Ace Steel then showed up and assured to train and make Joe Hendry bigger than ever.

“Hey, Gia. How are you? You know, I have a well-skilled eye for noticing talent. And I believe in Joe Hendry. I also have the ability and the knowledge to push Joe past the limits that he doesn’t even think he has. To get him to the upper echelon of our industry and destroy that glass ceiling he speaks of,” Ace Steel said.

Frankie Kazarian versus Joe Hendry announced for TNA Against All Odds

As Ace Steel was speaking to Gia Miller, Frankie Kazarian interrupted and took shots at both Joe Hendry and Ace Steel. Steel wanted to teach Kazarian a lesson. So Steel asked Kazarian if he was willing to settle the beef inside the ring at Against All Odds in a one-on-one match against The Prestigious One. Kazarian agreed and now, the match is made official by TNA.

“BREAKING: @joehendry w/Ace Steel will face off with @FrankieKazarian LIVE on TNA+ at 8 PM TMW NIGHT from Cicero Stadium in Chicago at #TNAAgainstAllOdds!” TNA Wrestling tweeted.

Do you think Ace Steel can help Joe Hendry shatter that glass ceiling?