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Drew McIntyre Blames Himself For Keeping CM Punk Relevant While He’s Out Injured

Drew McIntyre explains his hatred for CM Punk ahead of Clash at the Castle.

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Denise Salcedo. When asked why he hates CM Punk, McIntyre said he’s realized that he’s given Punk too much attention in recent months and wants to shift his focus to Damian Priest and the World Heavyweight Title.

“I’m starting to realize that I’ve given them too much attention,” Drew McIntyre admitted. “I’m the only one that’s kept him relevant. So I’m trying to ease up on that, because it is fun to tear him apart on social media, because he’s got zero comebacks, he knows I’ll shred him. And he learned even on the microphone; I shred him at his own game because in the ring, not that he ever had an athletic bone in his body in his prime.

Drew McIntyre believes CM Punk is only good at pipe bombs, and he shredded him at that too

“He had one match. I went in there. I genuinely can’t stand him. It’s not like I’m Daniel Day-Lewis, and I’m out there like, wow, It really feels like these guys don’t like each other. We don’t. We can stand each other, and I target him, and I beat him up and injure him. It was that easy because I’m a genuine athlete. The one thing he’s good at is those pipe bombs, and I shredded him at that, too.

“So the problem I’ve had is I can’t help myself. I don’t like him, and I’ve had so much fun just ripping people to pieces, and he’s such an easy target. But I’m taking a step back, because I’m keeping him relevant, that’s my fault. I’m focused on the World Title. I’m focused on Priest, and I got to stop beating on him verbally because I’m having people ask me about him every two seconds. This is backfiring as fun as it is, Screw him. I’m focused on the World Title.”

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What do you make of Drew McIntyre’s comments overall? Do you believe CM Punk will try to ruin McIntyre’s big moment later this week at Clash at the Castle? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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