Jeff Hardy TNA Against All Odds
Photo Credit: TNA

Jeff Hardy Returns To TNA At TNA Against All Odds

Jeff Hardy has returned to TNA.

In the main event of TNA Against All Odds, Moose defended the TNA World Championship against “Broken” Matt Hardy in a Broken Rules match. The System interfered in the chaotic match, and Rebecca Hardy got involved as well. In the end, Matt accidentally put Rebecca through a table, and Moose scored the win with a Spear.

The System attacked Hardy after the bell. The Nemeth Brothers and Joe Hendry tried to make the save, but The System overwhelmed them. Jeff Hardy then came out and took the fight to The System. He stood tall with Matt, Hendry, and The Nemeth Brothers as Against All Odds came to a close.

Jeff Hardy has had multiple stints in TNA over the years. He last wrestled for the company in 2017 before he returned to WWE. Hardy later signed with AEW but entered free agency this past week. Jeff is a three-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion and two-time TNA World Tag Team Champion.

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