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CM Punk Praises WWE’s ‘Magic’ Climate

CM Punk hasn’t been secretive about how much has changed in WWE since he left back in 2014, and recently praised the way the company has changed.

During WWE’s Clash at the Castle post-event press conference, Punk — who appeared as a referee to cost Drew McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship — was asked about what it was like being back in WWE. Punk called the WWE climate “magic” now, and noted that many superstars told him they were glad he could experience something he started.

“I almost can’t even joke around, and somebody will say ‘Oh he’s just a company guy in this,’ but…the climate has changed,” said Punk. “It is a completely different culture. I try not to do media, but…I said it to somebody, and honestly I can’t tell you if I said publicly or what. Somebody here…somebody here told me that they were extremely happy that I was back to experience the atmosphere and the culture that I started to grow here.”

Punk called WWE’s climate “magic”

Punk reminisced on how the superstar credited Punk with many of the big changes that would eventually come to WWE, and called the team at WWE now “a great crew.”

“A lot of it, and this is not my words, was because of me, why this place is like this now,” Punk said. “A lot of the things that I fought for, and asked for, and sometimes begged for, are now in place. And it’s just a much better place. I’m older and wiser, it’s a great crew. The people who like me will know that I’m being earnest and honest and believe me. And the people that don’t like me will find a reason to twist that into ‘Oh, he’s just lying’ and blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter. We’re here, we’re the ones that do the work, and we know what goes on behind the scenes. One word, it’s magic.”