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AJ Styles Has Talked To Shawn Michaels About Having A Match, Explains Why It Probably Wouldn’t Have Happened

Recently, while speaking to Gorilla Position during the NXT Stand & Deliver Pre-Show Press Conference, Shawn Michaels mentioned that if he was about 20 years younger, he would have gotten the opportunity to wrestle stars such as AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. Recently, the Phenomenal One opened up on why he never got to wrestle the WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

AJ Styles spoke to Kenny McIntosh of Inside the Ropes ahead of the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event. During the interview, The Phenomenal One mentioned that he did ask the higher-ups if The Heartbreak Kid was interested in having a match against Styles. But none of them had even discussed it with Michaels. Also, Styles mentioned that he was not very close with Michaels back then and thus he did not go up and ask him like he had asked The Undertaker.

“I remember walking up, it may have been Triple H or someone. I asked him, Hey, does Shawn wanna have a match? And they’re like, I don’t know. [I said] But did we ask him? And they’re like no. I never got around to asking him like I asked The Undertaker. I never got around to asking Shawn, we weren’t close enough for me to ask him something like that, I didn’t have his phone number, [we are] closer now. So I never called him out.

“But the truth is, he probably wouldn’t have that match anyway, because we’ve talked about it before. What is the benefit? Who benefits from the match? If Shawn wins, okay. If I win, okay. There’s a lot of truth to what he was saying when he told me that and it’s alright. It would have been fun to have but for me, it was about a learning experience,” AJ Styles said.

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Would you have liked to see Styles wrestle Shawn Michaels?